It’s all about Promoting the Farmer

Shamba Records: is a distributed ledger that runs on Blockchain technology that uses big data and artificial intelligence to collect farmer’s data and process payments to farmers. We pick, categorize and predict the farmer’s cycle in order to make informed decisions on the gaps, challenges and opportunities in the agriculture space in Africa.


To create transparency through emerging technologies to the African farmer.


Increase earnings and maintain accurate data for over 600 million farmers in Africa.


Currently the Shamba Records platform is able to identify the farmers with their different metrics from crops, livestock, location/region, age, gender, farm inputs, acreage, quality & quantity of work, revenues, and credit.


On farmers we develop a partnership from production all the way to the market. On production stage we focus on the type of crop and livestock that the farmer practices. We assist the farm with the right information on the best practices and farm inputs. In addition we assist the farmer to keep records, these records are stored digitally and can be queried in SMS, USSD, Mobile application and Web portal formats.


We work with agronomist in order to assist the farmer to get the right inputs and the recommended farm materials and farm feeds. We partner with agronomist to assist the farmer in application procedures of the farm inputs. In addition the agronomists are conveniently able to disburse and supply their products easily to the farmer. We vet our agronomist to ensure that the farmer gets the best quality of farm inputs.


We partner with cooperatives to help them understand the farmer better, this is because the cooperatives have very limited data which normally is the aggregation/harvests data. We go beyond harvest data and assist the cooperatives with real-time data of the profile of the farmer which is age, gender, farm size, livestock numbers, farm inputs, financials and the motivation.

Marketing Agencies

We partner with marketing agencies to help them source the best quality of products. We do this by making sure the marketing agencies form a personal relationship with the farmer from the production level to the fork level. When the marketing agencies are aware of the farm inputs used, location of the farmer and quantities then they can confidently lock a buyer for the farmer’s produce.

NGOs & Development Stakeholders

We partner with NGOs and development stakeholders to be able to tackle some of the difficult challenges that affect the farmer. We provide a direct link to the farmer in the whole value chain from production, to aggregation, to distribution and finally to the market. In all these areas we’re able to pin point the major challenges and the best way to tackle it.

County & National Governments

The county and national government is limited to sales or the produce data. With our partnership we’re able to add the government on the value chain. Whereby the governments are able to query realtime data on production on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Not only that the county & national government is able to know the number of farmers, age, gender, location, crop, livestock, geographical location, acreage, financials, quality and quantity of work.