Farmers Advance and Loans

Credit facility to farmers in form of cash, advance pay, school fees, asset financing, farm Inputs financing, trade finance and other loan products.

Farmer Medical Insurance Cover

Shamba Records offers a micro insurance cover to help farmers cater for inpatient medical expenses.

Farmers CRM

A comprehensive Farmer Management Platform coupled with E-register, Farmer's collections, Payments, Credit and all farmer related transactions.

Livestock Insurance

Offering a livestock cover to safeguard farmers from the loss of the cattle through Death or Theft.

Market Linkages

Shamba Records links farmers to local and international markets, through the Shamba Records Platform we easily link farmers to registered offtakers.

Pest and Disease Control

Shamba Records offers a scientific approach on pest and diseases control, we do this by mapping an infected area and providing mitigation measures though extension agents, Vets, Pesticides and other solutions.